Richmond Welding and Iron Works offers a full range of metal fabrication and welding for architectural application. To date, we have completed a variety of projects ranging from playgrounds to bridges. Our custom iron work can be found in the commercial and industrial sector, hospitals, public institutions, tourist attractions and in parks and recreation.

We also design and build customized railings, fences and gates that are both ornamental and functional, and are fabricated with both light and heavy gauge steel. Also, we treat all materials to resist weathering and rust.

The Lido Bridge by Richmond Welding and Iron Works is a structurally engineered heavy duty steel bridge a wood platform used primarily as a pedestrian cross bridge or a service vehicle bridge (again, please see our Photo Gallery for pictures of our work). Fabricated from weather resistant steel, each unit is custom designed for the application and built to specifications.


Technologies & Systems for the Concrete Industry


     An innovator in concrete industry technologies, Richmond Welding and Iron Works is recognized for the development of various custom machinery and material handling systems. Among those developments is the unique Creta-Clamp®, concrete splitting machines, concrete cast molds, as well as steel pallets and racking systems.

        > Material Handling    Creta-Clamp® is a mechanical scissor action clamp specially designed to list heavy pre-cast concrete products. This heavy duty clamp system will securely grip and lift bundles of up to 4000 pounds with the assistance of any hydraulic lifter. Creta-Clamp® can be custom manufactured in varying sizes to meet your specific requirements and uses.

        > Concrete Molds       Dry-Cast or Wet Cast molds and dies for various interlocking retaining wall systems can be custom manufactured to meet you requirements. Richmond Welding and Iron Works molds are fabricated to an exacting precision using high-strength, wear-resistant steel to ensure a longer life span. In addition, we also offer a mold repair and modification service which will rejuvenate your exhausted or obsolete molds.

        > Custom Machinery     Richmond Welding and Iron Works' Hydraulic Concrete Splitting Machine was specifically developed for splitting various sizes of concrete products. This splitter eliminates difficult and costly labor while providing greater precision.


General Fabrication


     From initial concept drawing to engineering and final product fabrication, Richmond Welding and Iron Works provides a full range of services including planning and production coordination. A few of the many customized products Richmond Welding and Iron Works manufactures are noise enclosures for various types of machinery, reinforcing stack supports, samplers and scales for the mining industry, metal platforms and ladders, and structural beams & columns. Every general fabrication project that we undertake is thoroughly researched to ensure job requirements are met and tested for absolute reliability.